CMU Joins Roborace Autonomous Racing Championship

Real-world Autonomous Racing

Posted by @hermgerm29 on May 27, 2020

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) is joining the upcoming season of Roborace.

CMU’s Roborace team will be a collaborative effort involving multiple departments within Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science (SCS), including a Masters in Computational Data Science program capstone team from SCS’ Language Technologies Institute.

The first U.S.-based team to join the series, Carnegie Mellon University was recently named the top-ranked Artificial Intelligence program in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

Honda Research & Development is supporting the 2021 MCDS capstone research team and their efforts to bring the next generation of autonomous racing agents to the race track. For more information about Honda R&D, visit their website here.

See the official announcement from the school.